Dear Christian: Mercy is Not a Political Position

Mercy is not a political position.

At least it shouldn’t be—especially for the Christian.

We live in a deeply divided and overly politicized moment but you, person of faith, should be wary of getting caught up in it; especially as it pertains to how and to whom we offer mercy. We must not let our life of compassion be curbed by our political preferences. 

Find the right people, not just right processes.

I was just settling in on my JetBlue flight from New York to Houston as a flight attendant walked through the cabin greeting passengers. She met me with the standard smile and “hello” but when she made eye contact with the business traveler next to me she said, “Great to see again, Mike” and continued her stroll down the aisle. “You have to travel quite a bit to be on a first name basis with the flight crew,” I said to him. “Well,” he said “It helps that I started the company.”

3 Lies Leaders Tell Themselves

In leadership, integrity is everything. If the people who follow you can’t trust you then any chance at being an effective leader is shot. Yet sadly, while most leaders rightly try to be honest with those following them there is one person they spend a lot of time lying to: themselves.