Change is like death. But Jesus gives hope.

Tomorrow is my last Sunday as a pastor in suburban Houston. Later this month I'll pack my family, our 19 or so belongings, and move to New York City. As a result, this week has been a week of goodbyes. A lot of goodbyes. From parishioners who say, "We just started attending and now you're leaving" or "I remember when you first showed up. You're gotten way better" to my teammates who reminisce with me about our time together in the trenches for Jesus.

I even had to say goodbye to my Starbucks barista. That one was rough.

In all of these goodbyes I've been reminded that change--real, significant life change--feels like death. From the fear of what lies ahead, the mourning of what's left behind, and the reminiscing with affected friends and family of what used to be or could have been, making a change in your life is the closest we come to death this side of, well, dying.

But this is where our faith is helpful and leaves us hope-filled.

We believe that in Christ all of death, even the 'little deaths' of change and ending, have been redeemed. Christ died and rose again and promised the same for all those who have been brought to life through faith in Him.

As we pass through death--be it the death of a season in our lives, or our very lives themselves--if we are connected to Christ we can be confident that it will, no matter what, lead to life. (Romans 6:8-11)