When Letterman and I talked Jesus

Since it's Thursday, it's time for a throwback. That's a thing right?

With Letterman's time coming to a close as the host of The Late Show I'm throwing back to a moment last year, which stands as one of the highlights of my human existence.

I grew up a huge Letterman fan, sneaking a portable television into my room to catch his debut on CBS in 1993 and watching religiously from that day on. I would even call Rupert, Mujibur and Sirajul, and Dick Assman (Remember him?) from my home in Flushing, Michigan. Strange, right?

I was officially obsessed. And it was a dream to one day attend a taping and a long-shot, crazy hope to one day have a conversation with Dave himself.

Last year a friend and I were attending a taping at the Ed Sullivan Theatre and because we were such good looking duo they gave us prime seats, in the front row. Just before the show started Dave did his thing, jumping on stage to greet the audience and answer a few questions.

Knowing this would happen I shot my hand in the air when he asked for questions. To my surprise Dave called on me and, after glossing over my lame question, asked me what I did for a living. He was immediately fascinated that a Lutheran pastor would be a fan, let alone attend the show. He asked me a handful of questions and even shared some wisdom from his father who apparently once told him that, "Lutherans are lightweight Presbyterians."

When the show kicked off Dave continued riffing on the fact that a preacher was in the audience, making references to me and and even asking Snoop Dogg if he'd ever considered converting to Lutheranism. The answer was "no."

But the highlight for me came in Dave's opening monologue when, before he said a word, he made eye-contact with me and then made the sign of the cross.

What more could a preacher and a fan-boy ask for?

You see kids, sometimes your weird dreams do come true.

See, Dave loves Jesus.

See, Dave loves Jesus.

That Time Letterman and I talked Jesus. Sort of.